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Hey.  Hi.  Hello.

Get to know us a little bit better.

We've been best friends for 13 years so it's just natural for us to have a business together!  we're finally both in the same place long enough to chase our dreams and help you achieve your in the meantime!


Our Story

Our goal with emerald Honey co. is to motivate, empower, and help small business owners get their business to a successful spot.  We are so passionate about female empowerment and helping you realize how talented and bad-ass you are by helping you build the ultimate brand.  that's why we created emerald Honey and co.  To break the mold and create a tribe of movers and shakers.  Bold business owners who are ready to dominate their niche and take their business and brand seriously.  Not only do we want to help you build the perfect brand but we want to create a sense of support and community throughout the process, so join in babe!

Meet The Girls

Oh hey there....


Born and raised in northern Nv.  Bailey is a country girl with an affinity for travel, good food, and spontaneous adventures.  She took ten years off from high desert dwelling to travel Europe and test out life in the Midwest.  Now she back and chomping at the bit to make dreams happen.  Bailey started photography in high school and over the years created a booming business, specializing in female empowerment.  Take boudoir photographer and a passion for business and you get a bad-ass branding business.  Bailey is a single mama to her 2 year old Daughter Quinn.  she just so happens to be the coolest toddler around and Bailey wants to set the best example for her by chasing her dreams and empowering women to do the same.


If you've ever been lucky enough to meet sierra you know she's just a light to be around. You'll never meet anyone more kind and selfless than this babe.  Originally from Seattle, Sierra moved  to Northern Nv. where she eventually settled down, got married, and now has the most beautiful blended family.  this mama is no stranger to chaos and that's why she's the perfect fit for Emerald Honey co.  Between her calm demeanor, hard work ethic, and bubbly personality she's just the girl you want organizing everything back-end business.  sierra is ready to hit the ground running at this next stage of life and she plans on doing just so by leveling up her own life and taking the leap to be a part of Emerald Honey Co. 

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